3x CBD Isolate… What does that mean?

Foy Farmacy only uses 99.9% pure pharma-grade CBD isolate in its vape juices. Many CBD e-juices on the market use a less potent substitute in their products but still claim 50mgs of CBD. They do this by using 50mgs of hemp oil and then advertise that as their CBD content.

I don’t know the legalities of it, but 50mgs of hemp oil does not mean 50mgs of CBD. In most cases, hemp oil contains a MAXIMUM of 26% CBD with the remaining 74% being cannabis plant waxes and by-products, heavy metals, a few other cannabinoids and other plant junk.

So, let’s compare Foy Farmacy’s juice to one of our competitors… Our 50mgs means just that. 50mgs. While the other brand says 50mgs, it is referring to hemp oil. We will be generous and say that theirs has 26% CBD. 26% of 50mgs=13mgs of CBD. By those calculations, with our vape juice, you are getting 3.84 times more CBD in a bottle than a hemp oil based vape juice.

It is unfortunate that there are so many crap products out there, but there are ways to avoid buying a juice that doesn’t live up to its claims. If you see a juice that has a brownish-yellow oily residue on the top of the liquid, it’s probably made from hemp oil. Don’t buy it. Not only does it taste like straw (a good indicator that what you are vaping is not pure CBD, but hemp oil) but it also is thick and has a tendency to mess up the coils on your atomizer. We messed up our fair share before we became aware of what was really happening in the CBD vape world.

If you’ve had an unpleasant experience with CBD vape juice in the past, we urge you to give Foy Farmacy’s Premium CBD infused vape juice a try. We take pure pharma-grade CBD and infuse it with our max VG juice and steep it to perfection. Our process results in a relaxing, flavorful vape made with quality ingredients. You will taste the difference immediately.

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