Our Story

Our Story


Heather and Myles Foy

By day, we are mushroom farmers. Yes, the legal kind! If we had a dollar for every one who asked, we wouldn’t be making you the best CBD vape juice you’ve ever had. We would be living on our own private island somewhere. 😉 Jokes aside, we grow exotic gourmet mushrooms for restaurants, private chefs and a few distributors. We hope to add some medicinal mushroom extracts to our growing Foy Farmacy brand soon. You can check out our farm over at FoyFarms.net

I (Heather) was first introduced to vaping in the early stages of the industry when cigalikes were just about the only choice for vapers. I tried it for a bit while attempting to quit smoking. It wasn’t until recently that I revisited the idea of vaping to rid myself of smoking for good. With the help of a proper set up, it worked! I have been smoke free for over 4 months as of March, 2016. While browsing a local vape shop with Myles, he spotted a CBD vape juice and that was the beginning of our journey to develop a superior CBD vape line, which turned into something much bigger than we ever thought!

Myles has been researching CBD, as well as other cannabinoids for years. He was interested in the countless medicinal effects of the lesser known cousins of THC. Back then, CBD was still illegal and/or hard to find. With new rules and regulations in the US, CBD is on track to become a major component in treating a variety of conditions. We encourage you to explore the benefits of CBD yourself and discuss the part it could play in your health with your doctor.

Excited to finally be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD, we started trying out some CBD ejuices. We were disappointed. More often than not, we ruined coils with thick juices that made everything taste like hay and spent hundreds of dollars on brands with misleading terminology. We knew we could do better. And we have. Hop on over to our Blog to see why Foy Farmacy has the best CBD vape juice on the market.

Soon after we started, we received numerous requests for an extract or tincture for our customers who don’t vape. Our Concentrated CBD Hemp Extract quickly became a fan favorite for its simplicity and potency. That became the CBD extracts tag line… simple. potent. effective.

All of our products contain quality ingredients that are carefully chosen with your health in mind.

We invite you to send us a message or connect with us on facebook. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. We truly believe in our products. We know you will love it as much as we do.